Boyette Triple Trailblazer Challenge

Location: Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve

Address: 15102 County Road 672, Wimauma, FL 33598

The Boyette Triple Trailblazer Monthly Challenge is part of SWAMP’s 2020-2021 Monthly Challenge Series FUNDRAISER. All challenges are self-supported. Large Group rides are not encouraged. Please be socially responsible and follow CDC guidelines at all times.

Get to know the trails... and if you know them can you beat your last best time? Swamp has worked with TerraQuest to build custom turn-by-turn voice prompt guided routes of our local trail systems to help you get familiar and improve your speed or just enjoy a relaxing, stress free ride. 


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Full Details:


1) Select your challenge;

2) Register for your challenge on MemberPlanet (see Register Now button below). You'll receive an email from MemberPlanet with important instructions on how to complete registering with the leaderboard application. 

3) Download the TerraQuest app on your phone. You'll receive an account verification email about 15 minutes after you register that you must open to complete registration.




1- Endurance only, register for any or all the selected challenges and ride at your own pace. You

will still see your completion time but who cares!


2- See if you can make it to the top of the leaderboard for time. Ride as many times as you want and post

your best time.




TECHNICAL JUNKIE: Like your ride to be as challenging as possible? We have done our best to provide

this for you. We wouldn’t suggest that you try this if it is your first time on a mountain bike or if you

don’t like technical trails. This challenge will be a complete test of your experience and skill.


MIX IT UP: Not exactly the most challenging trails in the park but certainly not the easiest. Enjoy putting

forth effort to climb in areas and exhibit your experience? This level is created for you!


RIDE LIKE THE WIND: If miles and elevated heart rate is what you are after, find it on this challenge.

Save the technical for another day, and just get out and pedal. Perfect for a family ride, beginner, or an

addition to either of the above.

You will receive an email after you register on MemberPlanet. Please make sure to retain it as it has important information for registering on the leaderboard! 

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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