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We are planning in-person events that following CDC guidelines, and we are still offering the monthly Ride The Parks Trifecta for self-guided rides! In the mean-time...
Ride the parks your style. Ride any of the 3 parks as much as you would like with the assistance of our Trail Concierge voice prompt guided routes delivered by TerraQuest. The Trail Concierge is a great way to learn the trails with less stress, ride the trails more quickly with confidence all without getting lost. 

Making Event History, SWAMP proudly presents the


Current schedule - July Trifecta Challenges are available! Click HERE!

Admittedly, 2020 was a year packed with challenges that we are all doing our best to conquer. Let’s take it to the trails!

Since Covid has blocked all our in-person fundraising events, our event Dream Team has come up with a series of self-motivated “Get Out and Ride” fundraising challenges that will be offered monthly. We invite you to participate on any level, new rider, endurance, or race pace. SWAMP is working closely with a company called TerraQuest, a phone app that assists riders learning or improving their time on the trail systems using custom turn-by-turn voice prompt technology. This cutting edge technology, currently in its infancy, is being developed to eventually run on wearables such as Apple or Samsung watches, Google Glass, among other devices.


Think of TerraQuest as your personal trail guide! Swamp is proud to present our virtual concierge service. Don't know your way around our trails? What a great way to learn them. Voice guided prompts will take you through a series of trails that are designed for your riding skill or selection. Enjoy an endurance experience, focus on more technical trails or do a combination of both technical and enduro. Our voice prompted queues will allow you to navigate through our trail systems, concentrating on your goals or just taking in the beauty that surrounds you. Leave the directions to the prompts! 

A host of volunteers have made this project a reality. However, special thanks go to Karen Bickford, who has worked tirelessly mapping routes, changing data, and accommodating all the input from our testing team. It truly takes a village to raise a child and this event is no exception. Hats off to all of you!

On behalf of Swamp Mountain Bike Club and our famous Dream Team, it is my pleasure to invite you to help us make history by supporting our very first challenge in the series. Registration is and will remain open until the challenge closes.  Coming from out of town? No problem, you have the whole month to participate and can ride the route as many times as you wish. Details can be found on the Registration page.

Please join us for a challenge and Get Out And Ride! Do it now! Challenges start at $10.00 each. Add a t-shirt, register for a raffle. Support our club.

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Thank you to our Sponsors!

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