Take care of the trails you love to ride!

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Do not have time to do trail work you say? You have time to ride, don’t you? Here is a way to do both.

This will be amazingly helpful to all our trail systems. Pick a trail, any trail. And commit to do the above. Keep your trail beautiful, at your convenience. Let your trail boss know what and where you manicured or removed debris. The boss can do a once over and credit your hours. The adoption center will be on the club website and you will be listed as keeper of the trail. What a great way to show off your work! And you can earn really cool swag for being part of this program. Sign up now so that you get the trail of your choice. This will surely make our trail bosses smile.

Where to start? 

1 - Get to know the Guidelines -

  • Pack a pair of hand clippers in your gear.

  • When you get slapped in the face with a stray green something, stop and clip it. Remember to throw it off the trail.

  • Will those small branches find their way into somebody’s derailleur? Who has not had that experience? Take a second to stop and clear the trail of small debris that might possibly ruin somebody else’s ride.

  • Do not pass by somebody else’s thoughtless or careless litter. Stop and pick it up. Snap a picture to share that you took a moment to help keep our trails clean. We can put you on our FB page. You will be famous.

2 - Get to know the Rules -

  • NO power tools, hand saws or chainsaws. Small human powered clippers only. If it does not fit in your backpack, it is not appropriate.

  • Do not remove trees. We do not want you to hurt yourself and it may have been left on the trail on purpose. We call them rollover features. If it does not look like it should be there, snap a picture and send it to the trail boss. The trail crew can act if necessary.

  • Register with the Trail Boss! This is required to participate.

       Click on the trail system of your choice below and use our contact forms to register with a Trail Boss: