Bent Creek, NC

Bent Creek is a huge trail system located in an experimental forest SW of Asheville. There are a few easy trails around a very scenic lake, but the majority of trails are intermediate singletrack. Due to its proximity to Asheville, on weekends, every evening and some nights, the trails are host to a large number of local riders. This is a very popular place to ride. Bent Creek can be a destination offering several days of riding.

A gravel road starts low, then runs up a valley, with numerous trails running parallel to this road. Perhaps 3 to 4 trails on each side offer extended runs, some several miles long. The climbs, and thus descents, are gradual. There are no death defying descents, but let go of the breaks and you can easily have a fast, flowing downhill run lasting 5 to 15 minutes. I can’t think of any other trail system that features such long runs. Every trail is fun, even the connectors.

What makes this locale so inviting is its’ spectacular scenery. Managed old growth stands of hardwoods offer cool shade in the summer, then turn vibrant colors in the fall.

Even getting there can be an experience.