Brevard, NC

Brevard is a small college town with reasonably priced B&Bs, excellent campgrounds, several fun micro brews, great restaurants, and a couple very fine bike shops. Adjacent to town is Dupont State Forest and the Pisgah National Forest. Within these two locations are hundreds of miles of trails.

Both locations started with hiking trails, but over the past dozen years, Dupont has been upgrading many of its trails to be more bike friendly. This means fewer fall line, straight down descents. But if that is your thing, Pisgah still has those. You will find groomed flow lines, boulder strewn straight down descents, stream crossings, slick rock mountain tops, and miles of gravel roads. Basically, something for everyone.

Unlike some locations where the trails are centralized, Brevard’s trails are spread out, connected by well maintained forest roads. You can ride here for a week and not see everything. For many of us from Florida, Brevard is a yearly road trip.

Pisgah has mostly old school trails.

Dupont has improved its trails - sort of.

And there are waterfalls everywhere.