Bushwacked President's Thought's

Hey there everyone,

I hope your sweltering summer is going well. We have had lots of rain, but the trails that we maintain are faring ok. I want to give a shout out to our trail bosses, Scott Roff Brian Boyle Mark Hardies Bob Wilcox for all the great work they organize. Without these essential people and their crews we would not have fun, safe trails to ride. I encourage you to get out and lend a hand.

Alafia FTF 2018 is now open for registration. We have some learnings curves to get passed with using a new system, but we have the kinks worked out. For those of you who experienced the kinks, thank you for being patient with us. We look forward to seeing everyone out to enjoy the weekend of fun.

Briefly, I have come across more members and riders that are still confused about the reason why Swamp is no longer maintaining trails at Alafia. If you would like more clarification please feel free to contact me at shane.richeson@swampmtbclub.com

As some of you know, we have had some transitions in the works. The first one is that we have changed to a new membership platform, member planet. This has stream lined the process and allows the people managing membership to be able to ride more at the end of the day. If you have questions please send an email to membership@swampmtbclub.com

We also have a new website with new features being added all the time. We have a community blog up and running and one of the founders of Swamp Wes Eubank has already starting using it. We will also have new merchandise to roll out in the near future, an event page for the Croom 35/50 which will start development, and improvements to what we have already. If you have not gone to take a look, please do, and give us feedback via the feedback area. www.swampmtbclub.com

I road with our secretary Betty Kay Ruel the other day at Boyette and it was a blast. We started off in the quads for a warm up, went onto the more challenging areas, and then finished off with a fast pace through Woods Trail and agan into the Quads back out to the two track that leads out to the new parking lot. Most of my time riding though has been spent up at Croom, which is riding fast and fun.

I am bushwacked from doing trail work up at Croom today so I am going to sign off, but thank you, each one of you, for supporting the mountain bike community, and the trail systems we maintain.


Shane Richeson

President Swamp MTB Club Inc.