Guacamole, Hurricane UT

We knew it was going to be an awesome day when the drive up the muddy, rutted clay road required 4-wheel drive. The vans with 2-wheel drive required a running start, people hanging off the back to improve traction, and lots of heart stopping sliding from side-to-side. Mud was caked on everything. It was so fun. 

We parked some of the vehicles further down the hill and I gave people a ride up. Unfortunately, I started with four, but there were a couple of trees very close to the road. My condolences to our missing crew members.

Guacamole was an 11 mile loop, about half intermediate and half advanced. There wasn't a trail sign to be found, but on the huge expanses of slick rock, previous explorers had piled rocks to create cairns (markers). This often left riders confused as to which way the trail actually went. And if the cairns were near a drop off, scouting was required to determine which side of the rock pile the trail was on. Even then there were discussions as to which drop off was less likely to lead to disaster.

I heard of more than one over the bar adventure that didn't end well. But in all, even the less technical riders loved this trail because of the surrounding beauty of Zion National Park, which can be seen in the background on several of the photographs.

This trail gets my highest rating, with bonus points for the adventure we experienced driving up.

Milage <15

Elevation gain <1000

Marty scouting for something that resembles a trail marker.

Bob thinking this may, or may not be a trail.

Wes is wishing for one more gear.

Susan looking for a way off this rock.

Todd just lets it roll.