Hurricane Rim Trail, UT

Today, 24 SWAMPers met up to begin our week in Hurricane, Utah. Our first ride was the Hurricane Rim Loop, a 24 mile combo of the Hurricane Rim Trail, Goulds Rim, and Jem's Trail. These trail systems were linked together using half a dozen miles of jeep 2-track. The loop is a roller coaster ride with great vistas, easy climbing, fast flowing descents and a bunch of technical rock climbs. 

The rock gardens are particularly fun because we don't have any of those in Florida, and few of them around Asheville. It's all about picking a good line and maintaining momentum. Fail, and you have a bloody knee to show your friends. We had a lot to show to our friends.

Not much as far as trees go, so the views went to the horizon, and the rock formations were amazing. Would have to consider this open prairie, lots of knee high scrub, but not much was green. The landscape was definitely out-west-red. We could see Zion in the distance and it looked huge, even though it was a dozen miles away. The scenery was a s breathtaking as the climbs.

We had rain and hail descend upon us during the last five miles. Of coarse, being from Florida none of us brought rain jackets, so the 20° temperature drop was a wee bit uncomfortable for some of the last riders in. The chattering teeth was humorous for those of us who beat the rain, but not so funny for the last ones back.

Day one was an IMBA Epic ride. This is a great introductory ride for the area. For an intermediate rider, it was fun and challenging without being scary, even in the rain.

Milage >15

Elevation gain <1000'

Guy starts a fun descent.

Wes climbs out of a dry (mostly) riverbed.

Susan trying to beat the storm. (no, she didn't make it.)