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It Takes a Village to Support Our Trails!

Updated: May 10

I'm sure you've heard the trope, "It takes a village..." but it really does take many hands to help support the trails we love and still have the time to get out and ride, hike or nature watch.

You guessed it! This is a call for volunteers. If you feel inclined to help, but you're not a fan of wielding a shovel or trimming vines and you're comfortable with computers, you're in luck! If you are interested in helping, there will be hands on training to help you get started. The systems we have in place are user friendly.

Please see our latest volunteer opportunities below: [ ] Blog administration: This role is for posting the blog content and some nice graphics from our online resources. You won't have to be the content creator, unless you want to author some blog posts, but you'll be the person who makes them pretty and sends them out. This is probably the best volunteer opportunity, because you'll be the first to know about the out-of-town club adventures Swamp announces!

Time Commitment: once every 2 weeks, usually an hour of work.

[ ] Membership administration and reporting: Answer membership questions through email as needed and provide one membership report to the board per month.

Time Commitment: Typical time spent may be one hour per week or less.

[ ] Volunteer Administrator: Do you like working with people and spreadsheets? This is a good role for you then. We just need someone to reach out to volunteers once a month to remind them to get their hours in and review our data collection spreadsheet to see if we're making progress month over month. This will also require a once a month report to the board.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month checking in with volunteers and generating a report from the volunteer data entry spreadsheet.

[ ] Google Workspace Administration: This role supports Swamp's IT platform and volunteer access to our information resources. Google Workspace is very user friendly and of course there's training to explain everything. You just have to be comfortable with computers and reading instructions from time to time. This role includes occasionally setting up an email account and Google Drive access for new volunteers and helping keep files on the Google Drive organized periodically.

Time Committment: The workload for this role is intermittent. You may get no requests for a while, or you may get a few in a month. I'd estimate on average 2 hours per month.

If you're interested in any of these volunteer roles, please reach out to Please add the volunteer role you're interested in on the subject line! Thank you for your consideration.


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