Lake Leatherwood, AR

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Eureka Springs is way up on a mountain top about an hour NE of Bentonville, AR. Eureka is home of half a dozen natural springs that have attracted tourists for over a century. I'm sure the springs are lovely, but we went there for the 25 miles of trails in Lake Leatherwood Park. The cross country trails featured rocky ledges, steep slopes (they have a downhill course), and some 2000' of elevation gain. We were expecting the climbs to be a grunt fest, but it wasn't bad. The biggest problem was concentrating on the trail because the rock formations were real attention grabbers.

The views along the lake were beautiful, but the real show was midway up the mountain where we discovered these fantastic rocks.

Milage >25

Elevation gain >2000'

Leatherwood had numerous spectacular rock formations.

Bob went off trail for this shot to show the formations.