Palm Coast Trails, FL

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Graham Swamp

The NE coast of Florida has several small trail systems that could be worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. Jacksonville Beach has the well established Hanna Park, and an hour south is Palm Coast with Graham Swamp and Mala Compra. For an intermediate level rider, Graham is the most fun of the three.

We arrived two days after the state's first hurricane in 11 years had dumped a ton of rain. Turns out, that was a good thing because Graham is constructed on sand dunes and dredging spoils. The plus side is frequent elevation changes and good drainage after a rain, the downside is that when dry, sand is sand. To minimize poor traction on the sand, the trail builders utilized local coral rock, crushed shell and oyster shells to stabilize the track. On particularly steep grades, wood decking was incorporated to get over the sand while creating technical features, adding to the fun factor. 

For an intermediate rider, Graham had very nice flow, banked curves, frequent technical features, lots of steep descents and drops, and a couple ladders between boulders that had you asking, "do I feel lucky today?" The most technical features (probably Black Diamond, although not signed as such) had a bypass. At 8-miles, two laps takes 1:15-2:00 hours. Probably couldn't recommend Graham for an entry level rider unless you don't mind walking occasionally.

Mileage <15

Elevation gain <1000'

Elias drops in on one of the many smooth runs.

Ron decides to skip over the rocks.

Many of the climbs were rock armored to improve traction.

This drop required a ladder.

This rock drop required speed and a lift.

As it turned out, the existing line to the right was better.

Wes got to use his dropper post on these two.

Hanna Park

Located on the north end of Jacksonville Beach, this state park has all the amenities including camping, day use picnic pavilions, a beautiful beach, and 14 miles of singletrack.

There are three primary loops that twist and turn under heavy canopy. The South Loop gets an easy rating. The E-Link get an intermediate, mostly because it has small elevation changes. The Z-Trail is rated Black Diamond, but only because of elevation gains that can range between 4 and 8', and occasionally are steep ( I would rate South and E as easy, and Z-Line as intermediate). Because the surface is beach sand, the builders have stabilized the steepest climbs with old carpet or geo cloth. Unfortunately, straight aways where a rider could pick up speed are few and far between. The one complaint all the group had was the trail was always changing direction, darting between trees and palmettos. The constant twist and turns soon became boring, taking away from an otherwise nice trail.

If you are in the neighborhood, it would be worth a visit for those looking for an easy trail. An intermediate rider wouldn't find anything here challenging.

Milage <15

Elevation gain <1000’

Mala Compra

Mala is also in Palm Coast, just off the beach. Mala has about 4-miles of tight, twisty, tree covered singletrack rated very easy. There is essentially zero elevation gain and nothing challenging other than the occasional tight turn between trees.

However, on the south end of the park is a trail called Cloud Nine, which is a mile or so of Double Black Diamond terror. Here you will discover very challenging climbs, often with huge root balls, requiring skill and strength. Technical features are sprinkled all along this section, and typically do not have a bypass. Parts of this DBD are covered with decking that when wet, is impossible to ride. I tell you this from experience. 

Big ouch!

Because it was raining, I didn't get photos of the trail or decks, but three days after my ride, I grabbed this shot of a hematoma that popped up within minutes of a slip-n-slide across one of the decks. Fortunately, a pedal got lodged between boards before I slid off the deck for a 15' drop into a bottomless lake. No more riding wet decks for me. No sir.

Across the street from the trail entrance is a really good BBQ restaurant (most riders park there to ride Mala). Next to the entrance is a bike shop, and an ice cream stand. OMG- this place has everything you could want, well, except for intermediate level trails. You will have to hit Graham for those.

Not a destination, but Cloud Nine could be an add on to Graham if you are seeking something more challenging.

Mileage <15

Elevation gain <1000'