Phil's World, Cortez, CO

Wes, Wolf, Marty, Todd and Bob at Phil's World, Cortez Colorado.

You know it is a great day when: Big Head Todd (Riceman) drives down from Crested Butt to ride with us. Today's ride is Phil's World, a 5-star rated IMBA trail. Dinner is at a gourmet Mexican restaurant (Pepperhead) in Cortez I get a buzz off my first Pomegranate margarita. I am comatose after the second. I jump out of the 4Runner on the way home with leg cramps from climbing. There are three flavors of ice cream in the freezer when we return to the lodge. Tomorrow will be more of the same (hopefully, without the cramps).

Phil's World is 30 miles of challenging single track on top of a mesa. We rode all the intermediate for about 18 miles. Much of the trail ran within a couple feet of an edge, offering great views of the valley below while adding a sense of urgency. Not for those susceptible to vertigo, the ledges definitely added a heightened feeling of awareness of your surroundings.

The interior trails were fast, rolling and smooth, very reminiscent of Boyette's Ridgeline. Imagine Ridgeline being on a downward slope. Yep, really fast and fun.

We didn't attempt the most difficult because the intermediate seemed challenging enough. Additionally, there are half a dozen miles of easy trails that we skipped. Would rather save our energy for the next challenge.

Phil's gets my highest rating (whatever that is). Bob and Marty said this is the best trail we have ridden in the past three weeks. All agreed we could easily ride here again, including the more technical sections after adding a little body armor. Knee pads and elbow pads would be good insurance against the numerous rock outcroppings. 

Gotta go up to fun down.

Would love to spend another day here.