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reminders and refreshers

Updated: Jan 7

This blog is mostly reminders, refreshers or to bring new members up to speed.

Volunteers- Yes, we are always in much need and very grateful for volunteers in any capacity. We love that you do trail work, we love that you help where you can and we love that you pay attention and consider positions that take consistent commitment. Our wish list is very very long so know that your consideration to help carry some of the needs takes weight off of shoulders that are carrying way too much of the load. A little bit of work done by many is easier than a lot of work done by a few. We can chat about this.

Merchandise- We have merchandise in our online store and physically at our events. You can check it out at We know there is something there just waiting for you.

Did I mention volunteers? Here is what we are able to do when somebody takes an interest in making what is good, even better. We are adding a third group to the Balm Boyette night rides. This group is for people that are shy about riding at night, have never ridden Boyette at night and/or just want to do a test ride to see how they feel about night riding. Join the groups this Friday, July 21st at 7:00pm. All skill levels are welcome. If you want to try, you should. The third groups' route will be easy on you. Complete information about the ride is on the club calendar.

Remember to always wear your helmet and have plenty of hydration for your rides. Heat exhaustion is no joke.


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