Tallahassee Trails - Florida

Day one in Tallahassee started with the 11 mile Munson Hills Trail, followed by the 8 mile Twilight Trail. First photo is our group minus Paul Williams. The second photo is Bob and David on Munson. Both trails are carbon copies of Croom, minus the hills, shady oak hammocks, and technical sections thru the pits. The Munson trails one saving grace is that most of the 11 miles is a two foot wide ribbon of hard packed red clay. It is fast and smooth, but featureless. Alas, Twilight has not been clay armored. Good for entry level, non-technical riders. OK for better riders that like to go fast.

Our day one afternoon ride was comprised of Red Bug, Cambodia and Bamboo. Red Bug was very similar to San Felasco. Swooping drops and climbs, huge root balls, and a sprinkling of purpose built rock gardens. The other two trails were similar, but with less elevation change and no technical features. Big fun for intermediate level riders, and slightly challenging for the non-technical crowd. If you were in the neighborhood, this would be a short, but fun destination. Otherwise, simply ride San Felasco, it's closer and longer. Our morning ride was 21 miles, and the afternoon was 14, for a total of 35 miles.

Day two's ride was from the Tom Brown Park, which included Magnolia, East & West Cadillac. Trails totaled 11 miles, all of which had rolling terrain with swooping trails. For those that liked technical, there were several sections that featured steep drops, rock gardens, a huge BMX styled track for mountain bikes, and lots of banked turns. Magnolia was built in a narrow linear park, so much of the trail folded back on itself. Lots of roll down, turn, power up, turn, and roll down. The Cadillacs ran lengthwise, so had few turns, which allowed the descents to run for awhile.  Fully tree covered with rich dirt, traction was near perfect. The trails did have their fair share of roots, but they felt more like a technical feature than an annoyance.  Tallahassee has three main trail systems. Two were fun enough to warrant a visit, and could be ridden in one day. My fav individual trails are:Red Bug, Magnolia, Cadillacs, Cambodia, and Bamboo. Got to say though, our local trails are as good or better.