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Wilderness Flatlander Challenge

Ride. Repeat. Compete.

The Challenge

We've put together Wilderness Park Flatlander challenge as part of SWAMP’s 2020-2021 Monthly Challenge Series FUNDRAISER and to get our community out riding and learning the trails. All challenges are self-supported. Large Group rides are not encouraged. Please be socially responsible and follow CDC guidelines at all times. Get to know the trails... and if you know them can you beat your last best time? Swamp has worked with TerraQuest to build custom turn-by-turn voice prompt guided routes of our local trail systems to help you get familiar and improve your speed or just enjoy a relaxing, stress free ride. 


Wilderness Park Off-road Trails


12550 Morris Bridge Rd, Thonotosassa, FL 33592



  • Use the TerraQuest app, it will help you navigate, learn the trails and track your unique miles. Easy. 

  • Use pavement to connect dirt sections but stay off the pavement as much as possible.

Other Bits

  • We're moving to self reporting to build the leaderboard. TerraQuest can be used for tracking your ride and navigation or you can use your own favorite app for tracking to submit your stats for the challenge and TQ for navigation. What ever works for you!

  • Actual miles are calculated as total distance regardless of how many times you cover a given section of trail (tracked by your personal device)

Flatlander Challenge Routes 

Wilderness Enduro Ride

This ride is mostly single and double track trails with a little bit of pavement thrown in for extra mileage. This route is approximately 32 miles.

Wilderness Main Course

Take a spin on the flowy, fast main trails through Wilderness Park and the Flatwoods off-road loop. This route is approximately 13.5 unique miles.


Before you ride the distance challenges

  1. It is no secret that there are extra demands attached to riding distances. Please be sure to carry extra water to stay hydrated and extra snacks for fuel.

  2. If you are riding with a friend, consider traveling in separate cars. Park one at the second parking lot, loaded with extra hydration and fuel. Drive the other car to the starting line.

  3. Also, stock some first aid supplies and don't leave home without letting someone know to expect to hear from you at a designated time.

  4. Have the necessary emergency numbers handy. There are usually contact details available at the Wilderness Park paved and dirt parking lot kiosks.

You will receive an email after you register on MemberPlanet. Please make sure to retain it as it has important information for registering on the leaderboard! 

Get acquainted or reacquainted with Swamp’s first trail system. Building and maintaining these beautiful trails began roughly 20 years ago. Today, the park offers opportunities and fun for beginners to the sport of mountain biking and miles for cross country riders. Please be aware and respectful that this trail system is a multi-use trail system that allows biking, hiking and trail running. Be kind and respectful to other users.

Enjoy various ecosystems, serene lakes, river access, wildlife, and a day full of adventure as you ride through Trout Creek, Wilderness Park, and Flatwoods. The land is environmentally sensitive as it is a part of the Hillsborough River watershed.

When you finish your ride experience you will see why Swamp is proud to continue to care for this beautiful park.


Once you register, you will receive an email with important instructions on how to complete registering with the leaderboard application. SAVE THIS EMAIL.

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