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authorized Trail usage

Trail access varies among various publicly accessible lands and many of the trails we have are situated on conservation lands.  Any unauthorized can cause damage to the trails, ecosystems, wildlife, and plant communities.  Furthermore, user safety is also a priority concern.  If you would like to advocate for new usage types through the proper channels we will be happy to share that information.   


Alafia (maintained by Friends of Alafia and ATC)

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Parks Division. The purpose of Alafia River State Park is to provide outstanding public outdoor recreational opportunities to Florida residents and visitors within a unique and distinctive landscape while facilitating the restoration and protection of the park’s natural resources. Usage types are mountain biking, hiking, paddling, fishing, wildlife viewing, and horseback riding as designated in the updated management plan.  Class 1 Pedal Assist EMTBs are authorized.

Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve

Hillsborough County Preserve purchased under the ELAPP program, and managed by Hillsborough County Conservation and Environmental Lands Management. Hillsborough County will protect and manage conservation lands to preserve our natural heritage and provide natural resource-based recreation and education by sustaining ecologic function and regional biological diversity that enhances quality of life. Recreation types approved for the preserve are fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife watching.  Class 1 Pedal Assist EMTBs are authorized.

Loyce E Harpe Park (Maintained by Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Association) 

Off road cycling, walking, hiking, and trail running are all permitted on the natural surface trails.  Many people fish off the sides of the trails.  It is important at this trail system to observe one way trail directions accept for Wacky Wednesday trails (certain trails in reverse) which are marked accordingly.   There are other recreation types that have their won designated areas ie baseball fields.  Class 1 Pedal Assist EMTBs are not authorized at this time, although Polk county is looking into the matter.  

Flatwoods/Wilderness/Trout Creek

Southwest Florida Water Management District Property managed by Hillsborough County Conservation and Environmental Lands Management. Primary purpose is to serve as a flood control property, water supply to the city of Tampa, and water quality management. Recreation types approved are hiking, both paved and natural surface trail biking, fishing, wildlife watching, and paddling.  Class 1-3 Pedal Assist EMTBs are not authorized at this time. 

Starkey Wilderness Park

Southwest Florida Water Management District property managed by Pasco County. Primary purposes are water quality, flood protection, conservation, and recreation. Permitted recreational uses of the Preserve include hiking, biking (paved and off-road), horseback riding, primitive camping, fishing, picnicking, and nature study.  Class 1 Pedal Assist EMTBs are authorized. 


Croom Wildlife Management Area

Joint venture between Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Florida Forestry Service

Primary purposes are wildlife management and forestry management.

Approved recreation types all on separated offerings : hunting, paddling, hiking, mountain biking, ATV/Dirt Bikes, Jeep and 4x4, wildlife viewing, and camping.  Class 1 Pedal Assist EMTBs are authorized.

Unauthorized recreational use at each of these trails system include onewheels, electric unicycles, motor/gas powered vehicles, electric dirt bikes, class 2 and 3 Ebikes, and any other usage not designated in each trail systems management plan.  Unauthorized use could result in tickets, fines, trespass orders, and confiscation of the vessels.  If you see any of these unauthorized usage types please contact your local trail organization and park management.  

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