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Already a volunteer who needs to track hours? Click here!

Trail Crew Volunteers
Well if you like getting dirty, and know your way around gardening tools, and want to get to know your trails from a different perspective, then this is for you.  It also gives you a glimpse into how decisions are implemented trail side.  You get to be apart of cool build projects, new maintenance and rework projects, and so much more. Click here to learn more!

Interested in keeping the trails clean but can't make it to a designated trail work day? No problem!  Click here to learn more!

Action Committee Members
The Action Committee is perfect for those who want to get involved with advocacy, helping strengthen the community through mountain biking, and learn all about what it takes to keep the gears running smooth.  Also, you get to work on cool projects like new trails systems, events, fundraising, leadership and so much more. Action Committee meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month. 
Grant Writers
Because funding is out there, and in order to expand trail access, money is needed to do so.  Trails are not free.  This is perfect for those who have attention to detail and do not mind writing a motivating appeal.  Give us your grants, and we will do wonderful things. 
Marketing Director
Because every good advocacy effort needs someone who can develop the vision of how the organization presents itself to the community!  This is perfect for outgoing, social media savy, graphical genius, with a huge dose of word smith.   

Swamp Board of Director Meetings
We have been saying it forever.  Posting date, times, links, telling you all to patch in, be apart of the larger discussions.  Rarely do we see folks from the community chiming in, bringing great, new ideas to the table.  What we do see, is a whole lot of griping sometimes with little motivation to make a difference.  This is perfect for those who are truly interested in being involved with the decisions that are made that affect the entire community. 

We post BOD Meetings on our Calendar on the first Monday of every month unless there's a holiday conflict.

Well now you ask, how can I get started?  Great question!  If you got to this point you have passed all the information you need. 

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