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WHERE?      Jay B Starkey Park

10500 Wilderness Park Blvd,

New Port Richey, FL 34655


  •    Thursday, November 9-13, 2023,

    • wilderness camping experience.

  •    Friday, November 10, 2023,

    • Famous Starkey Night Ride 
      For campers only 

    • Sunset Run 5k or 10k

  •    Saturday, November 11, 2023, 

    • 2- hour Nature Tour walk or ride                           

    • 6-hour Semi-serious relay endurance challenge

    • Morning Run 5k or 10k

    • Gnome Zone Romp

  •    Sunday November 12, 2023,   


Swamp is bringing back a version of an event from years past, The Squiggy’s Classic.

Check out the video!

We proudly introduce Squiggy’s Gnome Roam, more for the young and young at heart, and invite you to join us for the first event. Come for the weekend or for a day but come for the fun.

Semi-Serious Saturday is a 6 hour endurance challenge where teams of 3 will each ride a 10 mile course and collect tokens along the way. The team with the most tokens will earn a place on the podium of first, second and third.
Check out the rules and register

Yes, there is more! Feeling like a run is more your speed. Click here for rules and to register.
Not looking for a challenge, just looking for fun? How about a 2 hour nature
tour. Click here

Wilderness camping is available Thursday check in through Monday check out. Tent only, cabins that sleep 8 but no RV, no electricity.

This event is rain or shine. No refunds.

Scroll down for registration options.

Registration Options

Select one or more activities from the list below. Scroll down to the registration section and add those into the shopping cart. Complete the checkout to register.

Do not forget to add camping to your registration/shopping cart!

Judge and Gavel


Running Rules


  1. This is not a chip timed event. Runners must be able to independently complete a trail run/walk on the terrain of Starkey Park within the stated cut-off times. This terrain includes sand, mud, roots and mulch.

  2. Proper trail attire is suggested to include trail shoes, hydration bottles, bug repellant and sunscreen. Please bring your own headlights or other lighting sources.

  3. Participants should bring their own nutrition and hydration for the trails since aid will be limited.

  4. Runners should follow the park rules. Please clean up after yourself. Please yield to bikes and cars. Please use portable toilets and Starkey Park toilets (no public urination).

  5. All runners on the course must meet a minimum age requirement. Five years of age for the 5K, and eight years of age for the 10K.

  6. Runners share the responsibility to help out other runners in need. If you see something, say something.

  7. Runners must bring their own medications and be responsible for administering as needed.

  8. For the Sunset run, runners must exit the park by 8pm on Friday night unless the overnight camping option has been purchased. For the morning run, runners cannot enter the park on Saturday until 6am unless the overnight camping option has been purchased.

  9. Each runner must wear their racing bib during the event.

  10. Each runner on this course must be registered to be a part of this event.

Dog On The Course Rules:

  1. Dog owners must keep their dogs on non-retractable leashes at all times. The leashes must be 6ft or less.

  2. Each dog owner must clean up after their dog.

  3. All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations.

  4. Each dog that attends this event must be socially friendly to other dogs, humans, and possible other Starkey Park “pets”.

  5. Each dog owner has the responsibility of providing proper hydration and nutrition for their dog.

  6. Each dog owner must be cautious of the bikers, runners, and other possible non-participants while on the trails.

  7. Each dog must wear their racing bib

  8. Each dog must be registered to participate in this event.

Semi Serious 6-hour bike endurance challenge rules. Family fun or for the young at heart.
There are rules. What are they?

  1. Each team consists of 3 riders. Enter your team name when you register. That will link you with your team members.

  2. This is not a solo event. If you do not have a team or are short a team member you will be assigned to a team.

  3. No E-bikes. No pedal assists. Manual pedal bikes only, with front and rear brakes.

  4. The top 3 teams with the most tokens win.

  5.  Tie breaker will be an arm-wrestling competition between the tied teams.

  6. No consecutive laps can be completed by the same rider. Each rider must take their turn before there are any repeats by a rider that has already completed a lap.

  7. Bike plates will be numbered and identified as A, B or C which is the order that the teams must ride the course. Each team member must take their appropriate turns.

  8. Each rider that begins a lap must finish the same lap.  If a rider bails without finishing a lap, they forfeit the tokens for the incomplete lap.

  9. Rider changes can only be made in the designated transition area at the finish line.

  10. Each team will be issued a wrist band with a team number tag on it.

  11. Each rider will receive a number plate and it must be on the bike, and visible, during each lap.

  12. All transfers of equipment must be done in the transition area.

  13. Team members can share a bike.

  14. Riders on the course are allowed to accept assistance from other riders on the course.

  15. There is very little room for passing other riders, thus the reason for SEMI-SERIOUS. If you are approached by a faster rider, pull over and let them pass. This event is meant to be more fun than serious. Please bring your fun attitude and leave the rest at home.

  16. Have fun. Remember the cause. This is a semi-serious event. Bring your smile.


Squiggy's Gnome Registration


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