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Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve

Trail Workdays

The monthly Boyette workday is typically the second Saturday of each month:



Boyette is situated on ~5,700 acres of upland scrub preserve owned by Hillsborough County, and has over 23 miles of premium singletrack and 15 miles of multipurpose double track.  From beginner to advanced riders, Boyette has something for everyone.

For safety, foot traffic is not allowed on the singletrack biking trails.  Please stick to the double track for hiking and trail running.  Per Hillsborough County ordinance, dogs must leashed at all times.  For the safety of riders and your dog, please do not recreate on the singletrack with your dog.

Want more information about the program that helps manage Balm Boyette and other environmentally sensitive and significant lands in Hillsborough County? 

Click HERE to learn about ELAPP.

For current information on trail closures and conditions please visit:

Click the link below to download the map. Click on the image to view the map in your browser.

Balm-Boyette October 2023.png

Parking Information

No Parking Fees!

The new parking lot features 120 parking spots, a pavilion and a shorter ride into the park. Click HERE for directions to the parking lot. Parking is allowed inside the boundary at the rectangular parking chucks.  Please do not park along the road, in the neighbors' yard, or any other space that is not designated.  Camping and parking overnight is not allowed.  Large RV's and trailers should not be used as there is limited space.  Expansion of the lot will not happen anytime soon.  Please be courteous and ride, pack up, and leave in order for more space to be available for other riders and users. 



Hours of Operation: Dawn to dusk, 7 days a week

Trails profile:

  • 12 Easy

  • 14 Intermediate

  • 8 Difficult

Authorized Usage Types.  

  • Mountain biking/off road cycling on singletrack and double track trails.  Regular and class 1 eMTB's are allowed.

  • Trail running and hiking on double track trails only.  These pathways are signified on the trail map by gray dotted lines marked foot traffic/service roads.

  • Fishing, bird watching, wildlife watching.

  • Dogs on leash are allowed on foot traffic/service roads only.

  • Please report any unauthorized user types to us via our contact form at the bottom of this page.


  • Porta Potty adjacent to parking lot

  • Pavilion


Hillsborough County Land Management Contact Number: 813-672-7876

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