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Image by Jan Kopřiva

CroomFest 2024 Survey


CroomFest 2024 was relatively new event constructed by numerous organizations, to foster growth on many levels. Your feedback is very important to us, as we plan toward the future. Please take a moment to complete this survey. We have provided the opportunity for you to ‘expound’ in the lower box, but this is entirely optional.
Please DO complete the rating box!

(1 - Poor to 5 - Excellent )
How would you rate the Silver Lake venue, for CroomFest 2024?
Registration? Both on-line and on-site
How would you rate the food options? (Availability, selection, and timing)
How about the Vendor Village?
Was the event site information clear and informative?
How was your food?
Was the schedule of events/activities easy to find?
How would you rate the pre-event communication?
The Rides? (Trail markings and navigation of the routes?)
Please rate the event ‘perks’, such as swag bags, SAG stops, beer tickets, etc.
How would you rate the ‘per chance’ donation opportunities?
Did you use the orientation section on the site regardin schedule, clinics, evens, etc?
Will we see you at CroomFest 2025 on February 6-10?

Thanks for your feedback!

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