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Ridgeline Masters' challenge Rules

Do you have what it takes?

 Can you hold the record for the most consecutive laps on Ridgeline?

Registration opens December 1, 2022. Challenge begins January 1, 2023.
Ridgeline Masters’ finale December 2023.

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This is a self-initiated challenge, unsupported, and will run from the first day of the calendar month until the last day of the same month. Register any day of the month to complete your challenge for that month.

Proof of current SWAMP MTB CLUB registration is necessary to qualify your monthly laps. You may register and enter as many solo (unsupported) rides as you wish, logging consecutive laps of a selected Ridgeline Course.

Only the top three (3) monthly qualifiers, who  have completed the most consecutive laps in one (unsupported) ride will be eligible to compete for the title of a Ridgeline Master. Qualifiers for the top 3 for each month, will receive an identifying token that must be presented to enter the Ridgeline Master’s Challenge Finale’ in December.

The  monthly challenges will commence January 1, 2023 and run monthly until Ridgeline closes for the rainy season. Monthly challenge winners will compete for the Masters’ titles in December. Three winners will be picked based on the number of laps completed on challenge day. A new challenge will reopen on the first of January for the next calendar year. 


Laps must be completed consecutively during a period of one day between opening and closing hours of the preserve. Grand Masters Challenge contestants must ride the same bikes that they registered for their monthly win. The monthly challenge is self-initiated and self-supported. Riders can ride as many days in a registered month as they wish and report their best laps so long as the laps are reported for one day.

Can you hold the title or beat your own record?

A map of the course will be provided upon registration. Participants can pre-qualify by choosing the easier options for Ridgeline which will qualify you for the Jr. Challenge and prepare you for the Master’s competition. The harder options will qualify you for the Master’s Challenge.

Who are the Ridgeline Masters?

November 2023 will be the final monthly Qualifier for the Ridgeline Masters’ Challenge, December 2023.  The Top 3 Finalists will be the Ridgeline Masters,

This could be you!

This is not a race. It is an endurance challenge All laps must be completed consecutively and on the same date/same ride.

Funds will be used to consult IMBA for trail building education and to determine if Ridgeline can be made more sustainable.

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