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Greetings Swamp Members! Thank you for your continued support for our club. We have been reaching out to you to let you know that we have integrated our membership database system into the Swamp Mountain Bike Club website. On a going-forward basis, your membership will no longer be registered on MemberPlanet; rather you'll create a new membership account on our website at

Many of our members already have an account established on the new Swamp website platform as their memberships are not set to expire until later this year. Please be aware that unless you've submitted payment through the Swamp website (not MemberPlanet) you will not be auto-renewed.

To access your member profile, update your information, make a payment, or access our ‘member's only’ blog, go to our homepage Use the sign-in link to gain access to all of your resources.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at If you have recently updated your membership please disregard this notice.

Your lapsed membership notice will not be auto-generated. You will be notified via a personal email that it is time to renew. Please follow the instructions above to create your new membership profile.


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