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Goodbye CroomFest 2024. Hello CroomFest, 2025

What happens when you have almost perfect weather, a magical venue, great people, yummy food, fine entertainment and more? You have a picture-perfect event. Well, almost perfect anyway. That is how we leave CroomFest 2024, almost perfect. We look at 2025 as an opportunity to make the event even better.

Just what is CroomFest anyway? CroomFest is an evolution that stems from an event that everyone recognizes as the Croom 35/50. For most of the years, the 35/50 started and ended at Tucker Hill and was a one-day event. CroomFest embraces the 35/50 and, as you may know, has evolved into an outdoor festival, which is not only a one day off road event (although that part of the event is still one of the stars of the show) and added a lot of other opportunities to play outside. CroomFest gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy several options to spend time outdoors doing things that are of interest to them. It is also an opportunity for Swamp to partner with other organizations like Bike Florida and the Sierra Club to show you a good time and bring even more to the table.

CroomFest is also Swamp’s signature fundraising event. So that you are aware, Swamp has big plans and needs this year and CroomFest proceeds will play a big part in helping accomplish some of our needs. Boyette needs a tractor. Because of the amount of mowing that is done at that park, we blow through heavy duty expensive lawn mowers to keep the grass cut. We need more power. Starkey is sitting on ready and waiting to build additional trails in Starkey Park. Pinellas has broken ground. These are the big action items this year, not to mention the maintenance requirements on other equipment and supplies needed to maintain the trail systems.

Thank you for your support by participating in our premier event.

We heard that you had a great time at the 2024 event and are happy that it was a memorable one. We also heard that you are coming back for more and we are already getting ready for you. There are some secret plans for 2025, which will mean even more fun and more challenges. Looking forward to sharing those plans with you sometime soon.

For now, you can put the dates on the calendar. Feb 6-10, 2025.

Campground registration will open to volunteers in March. We will open campground registration to members in April and if there is space still available, May will be registration for non-members. Registration for the events will open in late August so be ready.

Now, we say goodbye to CroomFest 2024 and open the door for planning CroomFest 2025.

We look forward to having you join us for the day or for the camping weekend.


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