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It Takes A Village...

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Today, we talk about club fundraisers. Yes, the design is so that you have a fun and memorable time but at the end of the day, the bottom line is operational funds for our club. Income to keep the club running is generated from memberships, donations and fundraisers.

Fundraisers take the most effort but yield great satisfaction for all and a total win win. You win because it is an opportunity for you to ride your bikes, have fun with friends and take home memories and a desire to do it again. This is how premiere events are born. You have fun and we do it again.

It takes a village to complete a successful event. Before the event is born, there are people behind the scenes doing hard labor to produce a worthy image of what the event will look like. Then comes marketing. We are lucky to have so so many avenues to get the word out about this wonderful event that everybody needs to be interested in. Yet, we cant reach everybody. But, you can help. If you are on social media, hit the share button and see that everybody you know, knows about this awesome event. Then tell everybody you know to do the same thing. It's called reach.

Along with all of the endless details, it is time to look for volunteers. There are hundreds of things to accomplish and it is a lot easier to have many hands sharing the load vs a few carrying it. Volunteers, basically, are the success of the event. They are integral, so very very important. So, as you read this, consider that you may not want to participate in the actual activities but you can still participate. You can volunteer to help. You will still get to hang out with your friends. even make new ones and you will take home just as many, if not more memories. And you will own a volunteer shirt.

Finally comes the event. It is show time. Everybody comes to the table wearing their best game. Participants come to have fun, volunteers come to help make that happen and we all go home, completely exhausted with huge smiles on our faces. And, at the end of the day, everybody participates in supporting the Swamp Mountain Bike Club.

It just so happens that in 4 days, CroomFest registration will be open. Holy cow, there will be so much fun going on. Which side of the fence will you choose to support the club? Will you volunteer or will you participate? Both are important.


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