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Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

Inquiring minds want to know:"What is your favorite Swamp maintained trail system and why?" Here is what some of you told us:

Morris Bridge (Wilderness Park): Garry likes that Morris Bridge is an easy, convenient location, with 25ish miles of trails that all have their own character to them. Nothing too hard, just miles of spinning, wildlife, and diverse experience.

Balm-Boyette: Garry also likes to ride Balm-Boyette. "It's a good location out in nature with free, ample parking, a good assortment of 23ish miles of trail. Some difficult (cardio), some flat and twisty to make you pay attention. Also a good outing in Mother Nature; and now the west side has hiking trails - well, the start of hiking trails. Perhaps a hiking group will adopt it to make it what it can be." Margaret and family contributed; "We love Balm because it has flowy fast trails, and blues and blacks that are more challenging yet still flowy. We love the double track too. We and our boys race MTB XC so we love practicing the green twisty/flowy and doing cardio intervals on the double track. Balm has it all and is beautiful too, and 30min. from our house."

Richard S says of Balm-Boyette: "I like to go to Boyette if I don’t mind driving. I love the challenge there, the trails are really well done and I feel safe riding there. Nothing is so sketchy it makes me freaked out to ride like at Alafia. "

Croom: Okay, here we have 50+ miles of cross-country type of off road riding. There are some difficult sections hidden in the jungle, but you can easily get a full workout just taking the main trails. An all time favorite. John says- "I like the Tucker Hill climb at Croom. It always means my ride is over and I survived it!" Margaret is also a big fan of Croom saying "We love Croom for miles and hill climbing since we and our boys race throughout FL and and are competing in MD this November. We love the cardio challenge of riding miles and miles as a family in beautiful nature. We pick a 6-7 mile loop with the most hills and do VO2max intervals in the hills. Best hill training near us. We also enjoy the Croom 35/50 Festival."

Starkey: Richard S loves riding Starkey because as he says "It’s only 3 minutes from my house, and I can ride there right from my front door. I can log a lot of different miles there, 17 on dirt and more if I mix in paved rides."

Where's your favorite place or places to ride? Inquiring minds want to know!

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I like riding Wilderness mountain bike trails. It provides plenty of photo ops with hog holes as features. I volunteer on the trails because I find it rewarding riding on trails I help maintain.

I like Starkey because the terrain is similar to Wilderness and I volunteer on these trails too.

Croom is good when my lungs are cooperating I enjoy the challenge of the hills and I skip the special features except for Southern Comfort as it is fun to ride with flat pedals but kinda nervous with clipless.😂

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