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Brevard NC is Cool and Cooler

Cool because Brevard is well known for its excellent biking opportunities. The Pisgah National Forest is particularly well-known for its challenging terrain featuring big climbs, epic descents, rocks, and roots. These trails are considered to be difficult and are recommended for experienced riders. On the other hand, the Dupont State Forest offers trails, with shorter climbs, rolling downhills, and a more flowing trail system. This forest also has rocks and roots, but these trails are designed for a more intermediate level of rider. And should you be in the mood for the downhill scene, the nearby Kanuga Bike Park features one-way, downhill specific terrain with a challenging mix of natural features and jump lines requiring strong technical skills. With over 200 miles of singletrack, Brevard has something for everybody.

Brevard isn’t just about enjoying singletrack – the downtown area is charming and has a variety of great restaurants and shopping options. The town is also known for its lively music scene, with several pubs and outdoor venues featuring live music. Did I mention there are four nicely stocked bike shops?

Cooler because in Brevard, summer temperatures are typically 20 degrees cooler than Tampa, never reaching above 80º. Your rides can be longer and more enjoyable, and in the evenings, conditions for dining and socializing outside are quite comfortable.

Swamp’s week of adventure in Brevard will be sometime mid July or early August. Watch this Blog for updates.


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