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Do You Have topics to Share with the Swamp Community?

Are you casually sitting at this moment, reading this blog? We are so happy that you are.

Behind the scenes of the blog is a wizard spending brain power to hopefully put words down that are of interest or entertaining for you. I tell you this, why? Perhaps inside of your head are words that need to be put down for others to read, be interested in or entertained.

Plainly, this is an invitation for you to send us blog material. It's not that our brains are drained but how fun it would be to share the hot seat with those of you that have all those really great ideas. We want to read them.

The rules if you would like to be a contributor:

1. Do your best to present your material in acceptable written form. It's not that we are lazy but we are not your editor. Do not embarrass yourself or send in material of which your English teachers would not approve.

2. Be kind in your presentation. No harsh language.This is not a forum or a place to hang your dirty laundry. In other words, we do not encourage complaining nor is the place for it.

3. Please keep the topic related to mountain biking in some form. Would you like to share a mountain bike adventure you took recently? Include pictures please! Are you interested in mountain bike mechanics and you want to geek out with your community? Bike geeks are always welcome.

After you do your best work, send it in a word document to This does not mean that we will post it immediately but we will let you know if it is material that will be posted when the schedule allows.


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