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Hydration Tips From the Community

We asked our members for tips and tricks on how to stay hydrated during the heat of the summer. This is what you told us:

From Lee: Always use a hydropack versus bottles. On an MTB, it’s way easier to drink from the mouth tube without even stopping your bike or looking down versus reaching for a muddy/dirty bottle. Fill the hydration pack with your favorite mix that includes electrolytes. mine is 1/2 water, 1/2 lemon vitamin water zero and two big shots of TB12 unflavored electrolytes. I usually freeze my pack when I’m not using it so I hit the trails with a pack that is partially frozen to keep it cold during a hot ride.

Luis says: When it comes to hydration, I make sure I drink enough fluids the day before (beer doesn’t count even though it is a fluid). While riding I drink before I get thirsty and I always mix water with some hydration product. Water alone is not going to cut it. I carry at least two bottles. I normally freeze one of them. Hydration packs (e.g. Camelback, Osprey, etc.) are a must with lots of ice. There's nothing better than a nice cold drink of water with this heat! This is nothing new but it is how I stay hydrated. I also try to start my ride as early as possible because it warms up quick.

Hunter weighs in: When my nephew got a kidney stone from dehydration, his doctor told him pedialyte was the best and only way to rapidly rehydrate. I now put a mix of 50/50 water and pedialyte in my camelback. Occasionally, I’ll also include a tiny bit of pickle juice. Another trick I use is to freeze grapes, watermelon, and other juicy fruits the night before. I stuff them in my pack morning of the ride, and eat them during the ride. Lastly, I fill my bladder about 1/3 to 1/2 the night before and freeze it and fill the remainder on the morning of the ride so that I have cold water (with pedialite of course!) all ride.

Cheryl says: OMG it's hot! We ride every other day because we are insane! We drink water constantly, take electrolyte tablets and carry tangerines, oranges, raisins and peanuts to eat when we stop for breaks. I also carry an extra water bottle of cold water and pour it on myself to cool off. We try to hydrate all day the day before as well... I can't wait to start complaining about it being too cold:)

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Thanks for the helpful tips to bring attention to hydration health. Cutting a hydration drink to 50/50 for example is a good idea. Drinking it full strength can upset your gut, especially in hot weather. The ability to ride year round was one reason that drew me to live in Florida. I'm enjoying the summers, but it's something I do with caution, especially as I age. Be safe everyone.

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