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Our Perfect Week in Chattanooga

Our club’s spring trip was to Chattanooga this year. We had 30 participants who were blessed with great weather (55-65º temps), perfect trail conditions, and engaging social gatherings.

For flowing singletrack, we visited Enterprise South and Bauxite; for more technical trail, there was Raccoon Mountain, 5-Points and a new system, the Durham Mine Trail, For our urban excursions, we explored the Tennessee Riverwalk and the Far Enough Trail. Photos will be posted on shortly. We are still gathering images from everyone.

Finding a restaurant that can accommodate 30 people as a group can be challenging, but the Boathouse and Las Margaritas took good care of us. One evening towards the end of the week, everyone gathered in our condo for a super meal and social. It’s always fun to hear all the biking adventure stories, and it makes me wonder how any of us survive this sport.

These trips are open to all club members and are a wonderful way to make new friends and see some the the best trails outside of Florida. Our next trip will be to Brevard NC the week of August 5-11. Visit our club’s April 12th Blog for details. Our fall trip will be to Blue Ridge, GA, the week of October 14-20. Details will be in an upcoming Blog.


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