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Post Card from Brevard

The Swamp Club’s summer trip to Brevard was a huge success. We had eighteen participants during the second week of August, and even though Tampa was sweltering in ‘Feels Like’ 114º temps, Brevard topped out at a very pleasant 84º. Neat thing is that as you gain altitude during a drive through the countryside, the temperature can drop a dozen degrees. Might be time to grab a long sleeved shirt.

We didn’t hit every micro-brew and restaurant in town, but many tried. The first night we held a meet-n-greet pizza party on our deck. New friends met old friends, and future riding partnerships were forged. By the end of the week, we were all family.

The crew linked together six days of riding in the Dupont, Pisgah and Bent Creek forests. Days varied from tours of scenic waterfalls, to an 18 mile epic grunt fest with 2,200 feet of climbing.

One notable difference between Florida and Carolina trails is that when a tree falls in Tampa, you go around. In Brevard, you crawl thru it. Didn’t matter, it’s miles of smiles every day.

Our next adventure will be to Blue Ridge in northern Georgia, October 21-27 when the weather cools and the leaves start to change color. Interested? Contact

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Some fun and handsome places to ride. Hope to get back riding in future

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