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Weekly Love Notes Dec 12th - Dec 18th

From the desk of Pat Sanchez...

Hi Bike Maniacs,

As I mentioned to you in love notes, words are flying everywhere. They are in your inbox and now on the website. You can read your personally delivered words in your inbox, or these words on the blog. You can read both, either or neither.

Most likely I will send all the fun social stuff to your inbox. Not saying that the blog stuff wont be fun but it will be more information or more detailed than our coffee conversations.

For example- I may get really serious with you about how our club is volunteer driven and what that really means. I could spend an entire blog on how important your membership is but even more so, how important your time is. A little done by many is greater than a lot done by a few. Some of us work ourselves to death and we are just waiting for you to rescue us. We have a volunteer job board. If you havent taken the time to look it over, take a peek. If you dont see your job on there, no worries. Just let us know and we will get you all set up.

When I can get away from my computer, I am going to go find Santa, sit on his lap and ask him to sprinkle all of you with volunteer fairy dust. Seriously maniacs, we need you.

Shovels and muscles are a given but we need your skills too. Our technical needs are growing, we have lots of social media and marketing needs and a "wouldn't it be nice," list longer than a roll of toilet paper.

Please jump into my inbox.,

You have just experienced a Monday Love Note blog. Wishing you a week filled with happiness and riding.


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