Swamp's Monthly Challenge Series

Registration is Now Open!


What happened to the 2020 Fat Tire Festival? Click here to read the official statement.

We want to remind everyone to have fun and be kind.  This means that if you are not smiling and being kind to plants, animals, the trails, other users, and each other, you should not be riding on the trails our volunteers work hard to maintain.

Swamp club group activities are resuming.  We are rekindling the fire with volunteers.  All Swamp maintained trail systems are open.  For up to date activities please check out and follow our calendar.  For trail updates, please check out each trail page for more details.  We will have all related information accessible via our website. 


Volunteer with Swamp MTB Club

Without the hard work of our volunteers we would not have the ability to go into the forest, lose our minds, and find our souls.  One of the greatest gifts we can give our community is our time.  Join us in our efforts to build and maintain sustainable, adventure inspiring trails.    

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