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Photos, Photos Everywhere But Where are They?

Currently, we have members posting biking photos; to their own Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, to Facebook accounts for Boyette, Croom, Wilderness and Starkey, to the club’s SMUGMUG account, and probably many more internet locations. Unfortunately, this severely limits the distribution of some no doubt great images and videos. In the interest of making all your images available to our entire community, Swamp would like to establish a single depository for all your photos and videos.

Our structure for this depository would be individual Galleries by location and/or contributor. Entries would be limited to mountain biking photos/videos (no, we don’t want to see your cat).

We are seeking suggestions for a site that would allow anyone to upload photos and videos. In fact, there may not be such a site. With Flickr, GooglePhoto, ImageShack and PhotoBucket, etc., only the site owner can upload, and this creates a real bottleneck. FaceBook doesn’t work because not everyone has a FaceBook account.

If you can recommend a web site that lets anyone upload, please contact:


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